Search engine marketing in the Philippines-SEM Philippines

sem phillipines
What’s in it for the Philippines this 2009 as a rising hub in the field of search engine marketing – sem philippines? Will there be more local companies to get into the bandwagon of online marketing opportunities?

Personally, I am optimistic that there will be more and more local companies who will buy into the idea of online marketing strategies especially when they realize that online advertising and marketing can really cut their marketing expenses BIG TIME without sacrificing results of course. I believe this is one of the primary decision factors that every local companies are into right now especially that the global crisis is beginning to reach our shores (already reached us actually). They have to admit too that online marketing (especially search engine marketing – sem) is measurable and its effect is instantaneous as that. If not, still search engine marketing is a real good add-on or mix to their already established traditional advertising/marketing methods.  But the thing is, the competition is getting fiercer each day and that many of the known companies are already bringing the battle online. We have to admit the exposure we get,whether we like it or not, is already very huge that it could no longer be ignored.

In the Philippines alone, Google, Yahoo and MSN searchers are already numbering into millions. These are the potential customers looking for products or services that companies offer. Intelligent buyers are gearing towards searches and results online. Contents created by consumers are being rated better than those advertisements they see on TV or newspapers or magazines. Admittedly, it is a different ball game out there online.

I read somewhere else, someone said: “If your customers are looking for you and you are not there, Don’t wonder why they are not showing up when you are looking for them.”

Okay, so what is the future of search engine marketing in the Philippines – sem philippines? 🙂

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