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So the Boss Gave In and We Won Against Google Panda 4.0

Warning: Another TL;DR. Let me give you a quick history on this special case winning against Google Panda after three (3) long years. Yes, three long years!

Background: January 2011,  I’ve got a call from a US-based company and was eventually consulted for SEO. The Big Boss bruce lee









The Company’s Situation:

1. Historical data via Google Analytics showed a downtrend in overall traffic across more than 10 of their sites. Google Analytics data showed a consistent year-round slow traffic drop.

2. More than 10 sites they own have duplicate content. Worth mentioning too, that they have about hundreds of thousand duplicate pages and all domains are EMDs (Exact-Match Domains).

3. Bounce Rates across all sites were on the average of 90% and up. Main logo of the different legacy websites were all the same and were all linked to their main website. Continue reading

2 Google Penalty Cases and a $1M Revenue Increase

It is no secret that more and more cases on lifting Google Penalty are being posted online serving as models for others to lift their website’s penalty. The number of tools and services on link cleansing is also on the rise. It is not surprising at all. One of the tools we’ve recently tested that sped up our process was the Monitor Backlinks by Razvan. It is a good tool! While our method on lifting Google manual penalty remains outstanding with 100% precision on all cases we’ve solved, there’s still a gray area that is not being directly addressed by many. That is, if traffic will be back or revenue will be better afterwards. It has always been assumed that traffic should be back. But the reality is, it is NOT always the case.

As such, this leads me to answer this question, What guarantee, after Google’s manual penalty revocation on website, that its traffic will be back on track or improve its revenue moving forward? My answer is NONE. There is no guarantee. Why? Let’s try to dissect some of the cases we’ve handled.

Case 1: A classic client who just wanted to remove its manual penalty.

With our proven track record on lifting penalties via link cleansing, a lot of companies are coming to us for help to remove their penalties.  It is usually a done deal. Some would only want to have their links cleaned. That’s it. In some cases, traffic goes well after the lift but at times, they don’t. See the sample below when penalty is still imposed on the website until it was lifted on March 8, 2014. google-manual-penalty This client evidently improved its traffic after the penalty was revoked at face value. trafficgrowthseo However; upon comparing its traffic and revenue last year, metrics are still way lower having in mind that all other outer factors remain constant. Worst, assisted and direct conversion values are down  46.06% and 63.61% respectively. seoroiWhy? Let me answer that after I present another case. Continue reading

Process-Focused SEO: An Elephant in the Room on Scalability and Strategy

If you are an SEO or a content marketer, you may find yourself saying this. “Sigh! I wish I can clone myself in order to scale what I do.”


But such thing does not worry you at all though. Oh hell yeah! As resourceful as you are, you actually find the best tools out there! With a great community you have, you get the beef right at your doorsteps!


But then after some weeks, you may find yourself in the same predicament again saying, “I need to really, really clone myself.”

So, what is really missing? For some, this is the elephant in the room.

Continue reading

Link Removal Requests Done Right

There seem to be a lot of discussions regarding my post about the Google Penalty recovery coming from different perspectives. Even Hacker News picked it up through Slaven’s post. See below.hacker news

Here is Slaven’s original post. I appreciate that Slaven aired his side on the matter. I understand his frustration about combatting spammers which other webmasters can relate too. I am a webmaster too, I feel his pain. Continue reading

How We Categorized Unnatural Links Pointing To A Website

As a follow-up post to the article I’ve written about the case study recovering from Google Penalty – A True Story: From A Triple Whammy Google Penalty To $60K/month Revenue, I’d like to answer a question that was raised: how did we determine if the links were toxic and needed to be removed and disavowed?

1. Google Webmaster Tools showed us the links!

Just recently, Matt Cutts answered a question about locating unnatural links. See below.

youtube unnatural links


Watch the video –> How do I know which links to remove when I get an “unnatural links” message?

The video was published last February 11, 2013 but we can attest that it was rolled out months ago.  See Google Webmaster Tools email last September 20, 2012. It was a useful hint on which links to focus on. Continue reading