Triangular build-up strategy

For a very competitive SERP on certain keywords, we cannot simply use SEO techniques already known to many such as the usual keywords research analysis, SEO content writing, blogpostings, article directory submissions, tapping of social bookmarking sites, social networking sites, code/html clean ups and a lot more. These are already known to many web companies out there and most probably, their in-house SEO experts are all doing the same thing.

So what competitive advantage do you have as an SEM or SEO or Search Engine Marketer so that when you make your move for your clients, they get real value for their money?  Value for money are of course about good SERP ranking that leads to improved traffic, better conversion rates and best of all, outstanding bottomline – ROI/Profit.

The answer may vary in many ways. However, in my own perspective, the usual traditional methods I earlier enumerated are still THE techniques that can be employed but the CRUCIAL thing is its EXECUTION. Timing and a good feel of the tweaks of search engine algorithms MUST be properly monitored so that when it is about time to “strike” and execute SEO techniques, the effect can really be seen effective and all.

Recently, I just implemented an SEO approach I call, the “triangular build-up strategy” which anticipates efforts of competitions’ strategy along the process of trying to rank my clients’ sites in Google and other search engines. So far, the strategy is so overpowering that most of the usual competitions are clueless on what hit them.

The idea by far is simple when you really think of it. You simply anticipate the reaction of your competitions when there are movements in the SE rankings. The natural reaction of course is to make an effort to go higher notch again. SEO build-ups will be employed too by the “enemies” to outmatch the efforts done. Outranking strategy is a common response when changes occur but then, having anticipated such, their efforts will be matched with not just an equivalent proportion but rather with more build-ups on your second wave and then, more on the third wave, fourth wave, fifth and sixth waves.  It will be so overpowering that they would think that their efforts are no longer relevant at all. If this strategy is done rightly, it will be very effective.

However, there are precautions that need to be addressed such as the amount of impact of build-ups that may lead to penalized/banned domains. But that is so remote to happen if the sustainability of such build-ups is maintained with the same or higher rate.  Now, once you already reached your goal and rankings (SERPs) are somewhat already motionless. Your efforts can slow down bit by bit.  You don’t abruptly halt your efforts. Trust me, this triangular build-up strategy works like a charm.

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